OPALE - other transparencies


curated by UNTITLED

artworks by
Igor Balbi, Artigianato Artistico Veneziano Barbini, Vittorio Costantini
Fabio Fornasier, Franco e Mauro Panizzi, Claudio Tiozzo

On the occasion of the first Venice Glass Week, UNTITLED and Bugno Art Gallery are delighted to present It was during the first half of the 15th century that Meastro Angelo Barovier created an invention that proved to be pivotal to both the economic life of Murano and the human experience of transparencies: "Cristallo", the crystal. It was the first purely transparent glass, entirely devoid of color and impurities. Such was the impact of Maestro Barvier's discovery, and so broad was it's adoption that, throughout the ensuing centuries, the understanding of glass and the concept of transparency overlapped so as to become almost synonymous.

“Transparency”, in physics, describes the ability of an object to allow the passage of light through it's own mass.At the intersection between glass and transparency and that of pure science and metaphor, crystal, glass is “at the the complete disposal” of light, allowing it to pass through in it's entirely.

But, which forms does this relationship take when it becomes dialectic?
Inspired by "Opale" Murano Glass, the production of which is now prohibited due to its reliance on lead arsenic to achieve it's unique matted, yet sparkling, transparency, this exhibition studies the interaction between transparency and light as two elements that are intrinsically linked. Each is essential to the revelation of the other.

Opale - Other transparencies is a snapshot of the status of contemporary Murano glass production and research presented through a selection of unique works realized by active Murano Glass Masters. A palimpsest of objects linked by the thread of excellence in their production, where the mirrors created by the Barbini brothers reflect the several sides of the Skylines by Franco and Mauro Panizzi, the flame of the oil lamp by Fabio Fornasier illuminates the gallery, the delicacy of Igor Balbi's chalices converses with the monolithic pieces by Claudio Tiozzo and works of Vittorio Costantini bring life right inside of the gallery.


Dal 10 al 17 settembre 2017, h. 10 - 18 - Vernissage sabato 9 settembre 2017 alle ore 18